Zendaya and Tom Holland address their height difference

In 2022, let’s dispel the allure surrounding women who are taller than men in heterosexual relationships. If it’s not for you, that’s fine, but the projection on what the height difference means is tedious. tom holland And Zendaya They’re constantly plagued by comments about their two-inch height difference—and they’ve gotten over it.

The pair appeared on Jessica Shaw’s SiriusXM show, where the host pointed to the “wrong” and “problematic” investigation into their kiss. Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tom quipped that Zendayaof “not so tall” and “probably like an inch or two is best.” He said that people’s comments about how “hard” their kissing scene should be are “stupid assumptions” and “ridiculous”. The actor also revealed that no one was younger than him for the screen test for the role of MJ, adding, “Maybe it’s a decision [director] Jon Watts created, and something he knew about, and he wanted to break the stereotype.”


Zendaya said she thought MJ and Peter Parker’s kiss was “a nice sweet moment between them” and was glad the film’s editors didn’t “cheat” on her to close the height gap. Despite social norms, she also said, “It’s normal too” and revealed that her mother is taller than her father. So uh, please leave height comments for review Spider-Man: Far From Home, We’re just hoping for Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire Make our multi-verse dreams come true, Watch Zendaya and Tom’s full conversation above.


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