YouTubers Courted By Hollywood, But Millions Of Followers May Be Better –

Holiday parties are usually a mix of people and purposes, but this year hosts plan to cross-pollinate movie stars with Hollywood’s exoplanets — YouTube and TikTok. So will Robert De Niro enjoy trade secrets with PewDiePie this year? What confidence would Leonardo DiCaprio give to Mr. Best or Lisa Koshy or Brian Lord at FaZe Apex?

Most Hollywood stars have probably never heard of the Bryan Awards, but the 26-year-old with 22 million YouTube followers drew lines around the block at FaZe Clan’s hallowed ground this week.


After all, the credentials of these people are great. MrBeast — with 117 million followers — and fellow YouTuber Unspeakable reportedly earned $54 million and $28.5 million respectively last year, so why wouldn’t they join the ranks of movie stars, who are facing dwindling incomes?

YouTube superstars like MrBeast or, more attractively, YuYu or Hudo, may not have earned an Oscar nomination or graduated from Julliard, but they’re heroic figures for up-and-comers like Adam Fine. , who are on the rise to online stardom. There is a new world order in show business, with a new set of rules as well as new platforms.

I came to Fine, not at a Hollywood party, but on the golf course with his clubs, camera and tripod. It was a quiet setting for reflection because Fine, like PewDiePie, is a busy YouTube entrepreneur.

Two years ago the 34-year-old software salesman was on d*ath’s door with a diseased liver, his name sitting on a long transplant waiting list. Her pledge: “If I ever make it to the top of the list, I want to make not just a new life, but a life worth living.”


Like many social media stars, Fine had no major skills. “I’m not a gifted athlete,” he says. At 5-foot-6, he doesn’t boast ripped abs — or even if we’re talking about a golfer.

But he started playing. Then told shooting and editing. Sponsors began to riot. Golf courses waive their green fees. YouTube beckoned.

I’ve caught several of Fine’s fifteen-minute videos on the NotaScratchGolfer channel and found him to be a talented “Everyman” with a day off. And a constant golf game.

Fine is now making $100,000 a year and is expected to double that next year. Apparel companies and sports betting sites have taken interest, as have agents. High-profile clubs like Pebble Beach are supportive and are waiving some fees.


Fine may not be on next year’s Hollywood party list, but he’s made his “life worth living.” He’s also joined the new army of self-driven wannabes who’ve found their way around Hollywood’s naysayers.

They don’t need to beg anyone to watch their audition tapes. More importantly, they don’t have to prove their skills because, in most cases, they don’t have much.

Brian Awards, 26, from San Diego performs high-concept pranks and other random stunts and has 22 million followers on YouTube under the handle FaZe Rug. gave Los Angeles Times He was photographed this week as he fist-bumped followers in an unruly fashion for Hollywood.

According to Times, FaZe Rug, now part of FaZe Clan, went public in a reverse merger worth $725 million. Shares have fluctuated, but the company remains committed to strong management under Yusuf Abdulfattah, known online as FaZe Apex.

So is there a long-term future for FaZe Clans, and even Adam Fines, in the brave new post-Bitcoin world of tech stocks?


Or will Adam Fine focus on his golf and his stint on Wall Street without the Brian Awards? Maybe even without a party invitation from Hollywood?

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