“Won’t pay me for my canceled event? Pay me to go instead”: Boy maliciously complies when boss won’t refund him for missed event.

Recently, Redditor Modokon turned to Malicious compliance sub-modification to share a story A few years ago he worked on an unnamed project for a company and was in California for five weeks instead of the planned two.

“A milestone birthday present I had was driving a supercar around a circuit for a day,” Modokun wrote. He explained that it was a big birthday present from his wife and that At the time it cost around £800.


The problem arose when the unplanned extra 3 weeks overlapped the day of the long-awaited driving event. “If my company wants me to stay this weekend, they will have to compensate me for the lost event money,” Modokun wrote.

However, the management had their own solution which cost them more than they needed.

The company refused to refund his employee’s long-awaited and uncancelled event that was a gift from his wife, so he maliciously complied.


Image credit: Mizuno K (not original photo)




Image credit: Costa Mukola (not original photo)

Later, the author shared some more details about the whole situation.

Image credit: Modokun

The redditor then answered some questions in response to those comments.

And that’s how other people reacted to the whole story.

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