Woman wonders if she’s a jerk because she’s worried her bridesmaids’ friends forbade her wedding when the weather is -4C

If it’s cold outside, put on a sweater, or coat, or wrap your favorite extra-large sweater around you. This is common sense. However, some people, who are about to get married, may focus a bit more on aesthetics and creating a certain image of themselves rather than the well-being of their near and dear ones. Some even go so far as to ban warm clothes altogether. in winter. In Northern England!

Redditor u/Due-Resolve4835, a bridesmaid, recounted how her dear friend decided to ban them all from wearing coats because it would “ruin the photos.” At sub-zero temperatures, mind you. There was a scene of drama when she raised the issue, leading the woman to take to the AITA online community to get her take on the situation. Reddit was very supportive.


As you scroll down, you will find out the whole story, and the reactions of various internet users. Once you’re done reading, we’d love to hear what you think, dear pandas. What would you do in OP’s shoes? Have you ever been to a winter wedding before? At what point does doing things “for pictures” cross the line? Leave a comment to share your opinion and experiences. Reached u/Due-Resolve4835 via Reddit, however, he declined to comment on the situation. Meanwhile, Bor Panda was contacted. Anna and Sarah From The Wedding Society You’ll find her comments below for quick chats on how to feel and look stylish no matter the season, as well as how to approach difficult topics with brides (if at all!).

A bride ran into a pretty unique situation. Her friend, who had a winter wedding, decided to ban the coat.


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The woman shared the story online and asked the internet if she was wrong to raise the issue of the dress.



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She was overwhelmed by the support (and witty comments) others shared with her.


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Anna, from The Wedding Society, told Board Panda that guests “should definitely opt for layers!” When dressing for a wedding in the cold.

“This allows you to avoid bulky items of clothing that may look or feel a little more dressed up than you’d like, and it allows you to add or remove layers to suit different rooms and areas. “Allows you to be all over the place. Day and night,” he explained, adding that versatility and flexibility are key here.

Bor Panda wanted to get The Wedding Society’s opinion on how brides can make unpopular proposals in the final stages before weddings.

Anna told us this: “Really? Unless it’s really confirmed, avoid counseling with couples getting married, especially in those last few weeks. will be sought out by someone they know with tips about every aspect of their day,” he noted.

“They’re probably serious about it. And when all is said and done, it’s their day. They’re free to choose what they want and their guests can either come or not. At first in these final stages couples experience a lot of slowness—stress can be overwhelming and they need love and understanding from their loved ones.

Some more signs Symptoms of hypothermia Symptoms include tremors, fatigue, confusion, and memory loss. Drowsiness, slurred speech, and hand twitching are also signs that you may need to seek medical help.

It is absolutely essential to warm up as soon as possible. Drink warm liquids, but avoid alcohol. Use a dry blanket to warm the person. Be sure to remove any wet clothing beforehand. And definitely contact the doctor.

The majority of AITA subreddit members believed that the OP did nothing wrong by bringing up the whole coat issue with the bride. This is really common sense. It is cold in winter. You don’t want to ruin your health. And, obviously, you want to enjoy yourself since you’re invited and all. It’s a little harder to do when you’re so cold, you can’t feel the champagne glass in your hand.

The last thing you want to do is spend the day with blue lips and chattering teeth—anyone who sees you might think you’re a White Walker, and they’ll call the Night’s Watch rangers to investigate. .

Yes, it is a celebration of love for the happy couple. And most guests are willing to sacrifice their time and money to share this special day with them. But hypothermia is where most people should draw the line.

There are many ways to solve a similar situation. If it is important for the bride to look beautiful for everyone in the wedding photos, then everyone can agree to wear matching coats, scarves and gloves. The wedding date is not exactly a secret: you can prepare in advance for the cold weather.

Another possible solution would be to do a quick photo shoot before anyone gets too cold, and then everyone warms up inside. It can be fun too!

Wearing super-sensible space-age thermals underneath all the fancy dresses during a (hopefully, very short) photo shoot will be something else to consider.

But at the end of the day, open and honest communication is what helps resolve these types of issues. You shouldn’t be afraid to raise important issues — diplomatically and very, very tactfully — just because it’s someone’s wedding and everyone else is too afraid to speak up. However, you have to consider whether raising this issue is worth the extra stress for the happy couple: they’re dealing with dozens, if not hundreds, of different details.

If you’re the bride, it means the happy couple trusts you and values ​​your input. Although, at times, the pressure of all the preparations can be so great, the bride can get overwhelmed without wanting to.

Happy couples can check in with close family and friends to see if they are reasonable with their requests. If they are open to feedback, the marriage is bound to succeed.

When all is said and done, it’s the atmosphere of the wedding and the feel of the day that you’ll remember, not the minute details. Focus on what’s most important. And dress in layers!

Here’s what some people had to say about the whole situation. Meanwhile, the author of the post shared some more details in the comments.

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