Woman struggles to tell her boss she can’t come to work because she’s in hospital Baby birth goes viral with 5M views

No matter how hard some of us try to plan our lives and be prepared for any situation that comes our way, sometimes things just go awry and We have to deal with it in the best possible way that is suggested in this particular moment. This can be really difficult when people have a lot on their plate, trying to strike a balance between family life and work. This balance becomes very difficult when a person and his partner decide to have children. In many countries, this means that it is time to take some time off from work and focus on building a family. However, this is not the case everywhere.

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A young mother named Marissa shared a TikTok video in which she was about to give birth, but before that, she made sure to warn her boss about the situation.

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TikTok user mpmoney27 decided to share a video that soon went viral with 5M views. The video shows the woman, who was about to give birth, lying in a hospital bed, texting her boss with her phone, and telling him she could not come to work. Because it was about to happen. Have a baby. TikTok launched an online debate about the bitter reality that working people face when they have to leave work due to various emergencies, or in this case, labor.

The woman was very upset and wanted to make sure the message she was sending was “OK”.


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In July last year, Marissa Paris gave birth to her son Charles. The woman later shared a video where she had already been admitted to the hospital, where she was in pain. The woman shared with him. Buzzfeed They weren’t expecting a baby for another week and a half, so once she was in the hospital, Marissa started texting at her workplace to let them know she wasn’t there for her shift. Will come


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A woman working in a drive-through coffee shop wanted her boss to know she was in pain, to ask if it would be okay for her mother or brother to come and check her salary. The woman read the text to her husband, who reassured her that the message was “perfect.” It seems that in such a situation, work logistics should not be the main concern, and Marissa was just thinking more than that, but the comments accompanying her video proved that this is normal.

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Many people, especially mothers, shared that hard work or some medical procedure will not stop the workplace from asking if they can still come to work or make sure That someone would cover their shift. That’s why Marissa seemed so anxious to send a text message, asking for reassurance that it was “OK.” Along with the TikTok post, people’s comments revealed the tragic fact that many employees do not get maternity or maternity leave, after difficult surgery, or at work without recovering after losing a loved one. Asked to come back.


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You can watch the full video below!

mpmoney27Hard work is stressful, screaming is even more stressful. ## Pregnancy ## Birth♬ Original Voice – Marissa

Many tick-tock users tried to see the bitter reality that people in the United States face through humor.


People online felt Marissa because they found themselves in a similar situation

People online have also noticed how bad they usually feel when they have no choice but to take some time off from work.

Glad to know that there are some places that still take care of their workers.


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