Woman serves sick fiance’s food in baby bowl because he’s “acting like a baby”, relationship drama erupts

When love and illness collide, it can often lead to a delicate balance. While one partner finds themselves taking on the role of caretaker, the other tries to relax as much as possible without becoming too much of a burden.

In the case of a Reddit user Piggymills It didn’t go very well. The woman’s fiance, whom she values ​​so much in life, becomes a “pitiable child” whenever he is sick. This became especially disturbing at the height of the epidemic when the man caught a common cold but acted as if it were a terrible, life-threatening illness.


The last straw was that he was begging for his food. Piggymills couldn’t take it anymore and decided to respond by explaining how ridiculous the request really was. Later, though, he began to doubt whether he overreacted. told what happened to him’am i [Jerk]?community, inviting them to share their two cents on the controversy.

This woman was so annoyed with her fiance’s “acting like a baby” whenever he was sick, she decided to teach him a lesson.

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And started treating him like a child



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This all sounds like a prime example of non-flow. The term is so common that it has been included in the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries. Pryor defines it as “a cold or similar minor illness experienced by a man whose severity of symptoms is exaggerated.”

This is a popular theory but the scientific evidence for it is not conclusive. However, some research has shown that male and female immune cells react differently to invading viruses.

A study in mice added a lot of fuel to the fire, suggesting that the male sex is indeed more susceptible to certain diseases—and that physiology, not psychology, may be at least partially to blame. Is.

Published in the journal. Mind, Behavior, and Immunity, This found that adult male mice show more disease symptoms than females when exposed to bacteria that cause flu-like symptoms. Men also had more fluctuating body temperature, fever, and inflammatory symptoms, and took longer to recover.

Of course, research done in laboratory animals doesn’t necessarily apply to humans, so this research should be taken with a grain of salt. But experts who research sex and immunity say it also raises an interesting scientific question for people.

According to Sabra Klein, associate professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, tests of human cells actually show that male immune cells have more active receptors for certain pathogens.

“It’s not always the presence of microbes or the presence of viruses that make us sick,” Clin told Time “It’s our immune response, and research shows that men have a greater response that calls cells to the site of infection, which contributes to the overall feeling of illness.”

The reason for this is not yet understood, but one hypothesis suggests that testosterone and estrogen affect these immune receptors in different ways. Klein’s own 2015 the study On human cells, for example, discovered that estrogen-based compounds made it harder for the flu virus to infect the samples.

So while men shouldn’t ask their partner to breastfeed their baby when they have a runny nose, their moaning may be justified.

People had a lot to say on this issue, and the original poster (OP) shared more information about a fight with her fiancé.

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