Woman ruins husband’s celebratory dinner because of his menu, says he “should have had his picky eater for one night only”

Recently, a woman reached out to the AITA community on Reddit to find out if she was wrong not to be with her husband when he really wanted to.

Redditor Willing_Strawberries wrote, “My husband has been working really hard for the past two years to move up in his company and finally got the promotion he’s been after.” A post that received 12.3k comments and 23.8k votes.. Together with her in-laws, they decide to have a dinner to celebrate her husband’s achievements.


“My husband absolutely loves prime rib and there’s only one place in our area that serves it so he picked that restaurant,” the woman said. But it turns out, in his own words, “Here’s the thing — I don’t like steak.” And this is where the problems started.

A woman wonders if she was wrong not to go to her husband’s celebration dinner because there was nothing on the menu to her liking.

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Many criticized the author in the comments

So it seems the author did a reality check and admitted she was wrong in a later update.

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