Woman Reveals How Her Ex Tracked Every Dollar He Spent On Her In A Spreadsheet And Asked For Reimbursement Each Month

Money can be a sensitive topic for many people, but the one person you should be able to discuss anything with is your partner. Every couple decides how to split up finances in the way that works best for them, but it usually includes a bit of taking turns. You buy brunch today, and I’ll buy dinner on Wednesday. I bought our groceries this week, so you can pay for them next time. There’s not usually a need for keeping receipts and tracking to a T because it’ll all balance out! A relationship is about love and companionship, not tracking transactions. Right?

Well, one woman from Toronto, Maddy Blythe, recently went viral on TikTok after she shocked the world with her ex-boyfriend’s method of tracking finances. Below, you’ll find Maddy’s full explanation of how her former partner sent spreadsheets to her each month asking for reimbursement for food, wine, train tickets and more, as well as some of the replies passionate viewers have left on her videos. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments as well, pandas. How do you and your partner juggle finances? Then, if you’re interested in checking out another article discussing how to split bills in a relationship, look no further than right here!


Maddy Blythe shocked the internet by revealing that her ex-boyfriend used to keep spreadsheets tracking all of the money she owed him down to the cent

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Viewers immediately wanted more information, so Maddy dug through her old emails and found one of the spreadsheets to share with them



She also included some of the communication they had via email

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You can hear Maddy discuss the spreadsheets right here

@maddyblythe Replying to @k here’s what the excel spreadsheets looked like. I am in awe that I was okay with this honestly 😅 #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Money Maddy 💸

Viewers were also curious how this tracking came about in the first place, so Maddy posted another video explaining


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You can watch the full video detailing the background of the spreadsheets right here

@maddyblythe Replying to @managedbyolivia ♬ original sound – Money Maddy 💸

Every couple is unique and has the right to decide how they want to split up costs. But it does seem a little unhealthy to be in a relationship that appears to revolve around finances. Going out for dinner or splitting a bottle of wine with someone you love is about sharing an experience. It’s about bonding with your partner and taking some time to do something special that you wouldn’t do with everyone else. You might ask a coworker or friend to pay you back for their half of a meal or bottle of wine, but in a relationship, it is expected that you both share things. It’s sweet to give your partner a nice meal or a fancy coffee without asking for anything in return. It’s understood that they will do the same thing for you next time, and it makes the experience feel more like a gift or kind gesture than a transaction.

It’s also important to handle matters about money delicately in a relationship, as arguments about finances are by far the top predictor of divorce, according to a study by Kansas State University. Apparently, it takes couples longer to recover from disagreements about money than any other kind of argument, and these fights tend to be more intense and involve harsher language. “You can measure people’s money arguments when they are very first married,” says Sonya Britt, assistant professor of family studies and human services and program director of personal financial planning at Kansas State University. “It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, but when they were first together and already arguing about money, there is a good chance they are going to have poor relationship satisfaction.”

Not every couple is doomed to a life of financial worries though. With help from experts like Adam Kol, or the Couples Financial Coach, partners can find a way to split up finances in a way that they find fair. Adam notes on his site that there are various factors that will impact who pays how much, depending on how much each partner earns, if they had a prenuptial agreement, what their financial responsibilities are (debt, tuition, etc.) and what their future goals are. He explains that communication and honesty are key, and everyone should know what the household bills are. It can also work to split bills equally or in proportion to each person’s income, but either way, it’s a great idea to have a shared account to place that money into. That way everything is tackled as a team, rather than constantly having to ask one another for money or pay the other person back. 

Many viewers were appalled by the boyfriend’s behavior and called him out for being stingy

“There are pros and cons to having joint bank accounts and keeping money separate, and it’s important to discuss with your partner how you want to approach joint finances and get on the same page about spending decisions,” Adam writes. “First, sit down and have a (long) chat(s) to get on the same big-picture page (even if some goals are more important for one of you or the other). Be sure to understand your income and expenses, and figure out how to achieve the goals at the top of your priority list.” 

Keeping score in a relationship is never a good idea. You likely don’t count how often your partner does laundry, washes the dishes or mops the floor, so there’s no need to track their finances to the last penny either. What’s important is that you work together well as a team. And if one person is obsessed with being paid back for every croissant and bottle of beer, that might be an indication that something else isn’t working. We would love to hear your thoughts on these spreadsheets down below, pandas. Have you ever tracked your finances this closely with a partner? And if you have, did it go well? Then if you’re looking for another article discussing how couples can balance their bills, check out this story next. 

However, not everyone thought the spreadsheets were a bad idea

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