Woman barges into doctor’s office during her husband’s medical exam, no idea why he’s angry

Standing before the altar, we pledge to always love and respect, care for, and protect our future spouses. Of course, many of the words in these vows are nothing more than a tribute to tradition, but it is absolutely true that by entering into marriage with another person, we are obviously trusting in mutual respect and trust.

Unfortunately, many people understand their wedding words only once – during the same wedding ceremony, and they consider it as a form of speech and nothing more. If only they had taken it to heart – after all, a lot of family drama could have been avoided in this case. For example, the one we are going to tell you about now.


After appearing in the AITA Reddit community just a few days ago, This storyOriginally reported by user u/AmenaFox1, it has managed to garner about 27.6K votes and about 8.5K different comments in a relatively short time. What does this indicate? Most likely, the story was able to attract readers. So let’s figure it out together.

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The author of the post is married and her husband had some health problems in the past weeks.


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So, the author of the post says that her husband has been facing some health problems for the past few weeks, so he has to visit the doctor regularly. We don’t know exactly what kind of problems these are, we can only guess. What we do know from the original poster’s story is that when she asked her husband if they could go to the doctor together, he flatly refused.


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The man told his wife that he would prefer to go to doctor’s appointments alone, but the woman became jealous.

According to the OP’s husband, he felt more comfortable being confidential with his doctor. The wife sarcastically said that the doctor was a woman, to which the husband looked at her in surprise. The author of the post turned everything into a joke, but a grain of doubt had already grown in his soul. We all know how it works – as soon as we suspect something, our imagination conjures up the most disgusting images before our eyes. Usually, after a few days, that little seed of doubt managed to grow into a full tree of jealousy…


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The wife sneaks into the doctor’s office but finds nothing reprehensible – but her husband is angered by her appearance

The woman finds out what day and time her husband’s next exam is scheduled, and she firmly decides to visit him at the doctor’s office. Seeing her husband walk in, she waited for about ten minutes and went in, identifying herself as his wife. To his surprise, he found nothing reprehensible in the doctor’s office. However, it was clear that the husband was disturbed by her appearance – he refused to even look at her and refused to speak.


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After a short chat with the doctor (a man by the way, as is the author of the post), the wife waited for her husband and they left the office together. In the car, however, the man lets his emotions run wild, criticizing his wife for “trying to spy on him” while he pleads with her for some privacy. At the same time, in her own words, the woman did not see anything reprehensible in her behavior.

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The man said the wife violated his personal boundaries by showing distrust, but the woman believes he overreacted.

She said that firstly she was his wife, secondly she was well aware of his problems and thirdly, she just wanted to show support. However, the husband said that this time the wife simply crossed a line by refusing to respect his wishes and put him under more pressure than the tough times he is going through. A family drama flares up, but the woman honestly admits that she does not feel guilty about anything.

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“Of course, we don’t know if this woman’s husband has given her any jealousy in the past,” says Irina Matveeva. Psychologist and Certified NLP Practitionerwho was contacted. For comment on the story. “But be that as it may, he certainly showed a great lack of trust in his partner, and besides, he violated her personal boundaries.”

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“Yes, in her own words, the wife was aware of her husband’s health problems. However, this does not mean that she is obliged to know all the matters that they discuss with the doctor. If the husband said that he is worried about the violation of privacy when communicating with the doctor, then so be it, and his decision should be respected,” believes Irina Matveeva.

Both the expert and most of the people in the comments believe that the woman’s behavior was simply inappropriate.

It must be said that the majority of commentators also agree with the opinion of the expert, believing that the wife does not have the right to invade her partner’s privacy when he requests to go alone. According to people in the comments, a signed piece of paper does not give her the right to cane her spouse. “Obviously you have zero respect for her,” one commenter simply wrote.

According to some commentators, the wife is really manipulating words in this situation, not really wanting to support her husband, but actively upsetting him. After all, as people think, her medical appointments are her own private business and this woman may actually have adversely affected her health because she felt less comfortable talking to the doctor in his presence. “You weren’t there to support her, you were there to be nauseous,” commenters say.

Family drama can actually come in many different forms – from the mother-in-law who constantly harasses her daughter-in-law to the point where she shows the husband abusive texts, to her disowning her mother, to the husband who cheats on her. gave A pregnant wife and therefore barred from the delivery room. Whatever the case may be, please feel free to comment on this story.

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