Wizard from Deadliest Catch reaches staggering weight when clicking all tanks

Originally built in 1945 at the end of World War II, The Wizard was YO-153 class oil barge designed to refuel ships at sea. After the end of the war, the ship was mothballed until the 1970s, when she was first used to transport molasses, and then, in 1978, she was converted into a fishing vessel. wizard site. The Wizard was originally equipped with eight tanks to carry oil, but two of these tanks have been removed, two more have been converted to dry storage, and the remaining four are now used to hold live crabs.


“The Wizard is 155 feet long and 30 feet wide and pulls 13 feet. When we press down on all four tanks, we are essentially two million pounds floating and moving through the water.” – Colburn added to SeattleInsider interview. On its own, the Wizard weighs 371 tons, or just under 750,000 pounds, so when it adds about a million pounds of crabs to its living creature tanks, it really is a beast on the water. At this weight, the ship is the second largest crab fishing vessel in the Bering Sea. Fierce Allegiance bigger 166 feet long and 100 tons capacity.

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