Winchesters fans in tears over big character’s return in mid-season finale

Supernatural fans first met Henry Winchester (Jil McKinney) back in Season 8 when he visited Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to help them in their fight against Abbadon (Alaina Huffman). Due to the Winchesters’ timeline, some viewers were expecting the character to show up at some point, while McKinney spoiled the surprise with his appearance. Twitter Account.


In the mid-season finale, Henry’s ghost appeared and reconciled with his wife and son, but the reaction to his cameo suggests that some fans were not prepared for the arrival of the waterworks. on twitter, @TWdailyupdates testified that Henry’s return to the franchise caused them to “INHALE SO FAST” that they “EXHALED THE LUNG”. Later, a social network user noted that they were affected by one phrase said by Henry to his son. “I didn’t think the line ‘I’m proud of you’ would hit me so hard.”

Similar thoughts were echoed by another Twitter user. @ambitiouspiano1, who was grateful for the family reunion, although not in the happy way that every member of the family would like. “All emotions!! So glad that John and Millie saw Henry, I had a bad feeling that he would be gone before [Millie] arrived.”

In the other place, @DemonChloe reacted emotionally to Henry’s last words to his wife and son. “ARE YOU KIDDING!? You want me to DIE!? I’m CRYING,” wrote a social media user.



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