Willow showrunner John Kasdan talks about how he worked to bring Val Kilmer back as Mudmartigan to the series

Discussing Keith and Airk, John Kasdan said that the appearance of the siblings in Willow served as a reasonable basis for creating the mystery surrounding their father. “The story has always been structured in such a way that he was supposed to be absent at the beginning of the story, and that his quest – in particular, the quest for his two children – will move much of the narrative forward, because stories about children searching for their identity through their parents, always interesting,” Kasdan explained.


Kasdan, who wrote Solo: A Star Wars Story. an important part of the original George Lucas story.

“Especially in the iconography and mythology of George Lucas on how characters develop, [Madmartigan’s return was] have always been a part of it,” Kasdan said. “We were always going to start the story with a question mark about what happened to Mudmartigan and how we paid for it was something we discussed pretty much exclusively for the last couple. years”.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic hampering film and television production, Kilmer’s return to the Willow fold simply couldn’t happen in the show’s first season. “We were hoping we could do that in the first season because you want to give the fans exactly what they want,” Kasdan said. “Due to COVID at that point it was difficult for Val to come to Wales so the mystery has expanded and hopefully it will continue next season.”


Also starring Tony Revolori, Ellie Bamber, Amar Chadha-Patel and Erin Kellyman, Willow streams exclusively on Disney+ with new episodes airing every Wednesday until January 11th.


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