Will Ferrell Shut Down Heckler During Octavia Spencer’s Walk of Fame

Octavia Spencer was the target of a heckler during her rise to fame, but her friend Will Ferrell shut her down in the best way…

And people are absolutely loving it!

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“I’m glad Will Ferrell was there! Octavia deserves this award! I love them both more now,” one fan wrote.


“That’s a real friend!” Added one more.

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“Thank you !! She is a great actress and over the limit! Bullying is not acceptable! Offered a third.

Read on to know more…

Will Ferrell is a man who has had a truly remarkable career.

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He started as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live.


In just a few years, Ferrell helped lead a ratings renaissance. SNL

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And his hilariously unique sketches enticed viewers to faithfully tune in every single week.


Ferrell quickly became famous for his impersonations.

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They featured a wide range of celebrities, some of which include; US President George W. Bush, Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Carey, and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

These days, Ferrell is best known for his roles in blockbuster hits.

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First with him doing small roles in comedies Austin Powers: International Man of MysteryAnd Zoolander.

And it didn’t take long for him to start acting in his own film own Projects

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As well as being known as a comedian, Ferrell proved himself to be quite the screenwriter with his films, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Blade of GloryAnd step brothers Roaring achievements.

And, in the process, quickly became our nation’s favorite comedian.

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But here’s one thing most of us don’t know about the actor…


His real name!

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It has been revealed that Will Ferrell Not really Actor’s real name

Pharrell made the shocking revelation during a virtual appearance. The Late Late Show.

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He began by asking the show’s host, James Corden, if anyone called him Jimmy “back home.”


Corden briefly discussed the concept of his nickname, admitting that the name Jimmy “never really took off.”

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Corden asked the actor if his parents ever called him “William,” to which he replied: “My parents tried to call me Willie, but they said I was too distinguished.”

And Ferrell, who was also struggling to keep from laughing, said simply: “So I just became a will.”

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He asked Ferrell about his formal full name, “So on your passport, are you William Ferrell?”, to which the actor replied, “No.”

“Okay, here it comes. Are you ready? Viral moment, right here,” he continued.

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Ferrell admitted that his real name is John William, explaining, “My dad, on occasion, would call me JW.”

But this week, Pharrell has gone viral for another heartwarming reason.

Actress Octavia Spencer was being inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Ferrell was there to present her star.

Spencer had already mentioned being overwhelmed by the moment.

When the honor was announced, he said Variety: “How do you answer that? To know that you will forever be part of the legends of this town.”

But during the ceremony a heckler tried to spoil Spencer’s moment.

Pharrell was commenting on it. Excited co-star’s star placement, joking that he was “all the way down in East Los Angeles”.

Heckler then replied that the event was about “celebrating rich people”.

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And people loved how Pharrell responded.

“Not Octavia’s day! Keep it moving. Keep it moving,” he said.

“The wax museum is downstairs. It’s open.”

Ferrell then mocked the heckler, “His lungs are powerful. He’s using his diaphragm. Louder, please. They can’t hear you in the Alhambra.”

“Is that man ahead? Does he have to speak? Sweatpants Strange, is he here?”

“Should I just go deal with it?” Farrell said.

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You can watch the video. Here.

Now that’s what friends are for!

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