Why Sosie Bacon was glad they didn’t bug her smile for the sake of smiling

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Getting the role of Rose first required what was required for almost every social interaction over the past few years: Zoom. Bacon explains that the process began with a “Zoom meeting with [writer and director] Parker [Finn]It wasn’t really an audition. Instead of the standard audition process, Finn met with Bacon digitally and concluded that (according to Bacon) “She can definitely do it.” She enjoyed the whole process and explained that the audition… the free-flowing simplicity of it all was “pretty enjoyable” and she and Finn went on to “many follow-up conversations” about the role and the project.


At the time, Bacon was choosing between “Smile” and a second project, but the choice to embody Dr. Rose was not an easy one. “I wanted to take on this one because it was such a hefty role that there was so much history between it,” she says, “and the relationship was very specific.” This level of detailed backstory in such an otherworldly narrative made it, according to the actress, “really cool for me to sink my teeth into.”

As for the teeth, Bacon clarifies that “I didn’t audition my smile” for the new smirk-focused horror film. As it turns out, that may have been a blessing, according to the actress, who felt she didn’t have an unsettlingly toothy look that could elicit a hideous smirk. “My smile is too wide and not wide enough,” she explains. “I think it was good that I didn’t show it.” Smiling or not, she just rocked the role of Dr. Rose Kotter, and everything else is a horror story.

“Smile” is now exclusively in theaters.


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