Why Queen Kane’s Shaved Head Means More Than You Think

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An actor’s influence on their character’s appearance varies from show to show and actor to actor. Sylvia Hoeks, for example, was a big influence on the image of Queen Kane: in a 2018 interview ColliderHooks explained that Kane’s shaved head was her idea.


“For me, it’s about becoming two sides of the character,” Hooks said. “Find her vulnerability and her loneliness, and on the other hand, find her strength.” Indeed, from the first few episodes we understand that the intimidating queen hides a lot of pain behind her regal facade.

The shaved head that Kane wears like a battle helmet not only testifies to her inner torment, but also marks her as a figure of power and authority. “When I read the first script, when I read her story, I felt her pain and dominance, the way she looks and the way she looks,” Hooks said. Villain Media in 2019. “With her shaved head, it’s strong, strong, but also supposed to be very vulnerable… On the back of her head, behind her hair, there’s actually a prayer that she could touch. It was the more religious aspect of it.”

As the series progressed, Kane let her hair grow out. As of Season 3, her chestnut locks are almost shoulder length. Like other characters, Sibet has evolved and gone through changes in her character. However, with or without hair, don’t you dare turn your back on the elder Kane; she will show you no mercy.


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