Why I Spilled Ashley Jones’ Pregnancy News

Caitlynn Lowell does not apologize. Teenage mother the star shared a lengthy note explaining why she revealed Ashley JonesPregnancy in the last episode Teen Mom Family Reunion.

On Tuesday, January 17, viewers saw the episode Briana DeJesus and Ashley, 25, get into a violent fight involving their moms. Roxana and Tea. When Briana threatened to “kick” the California native’s “mother queen” in the throat, Ashley spat on her, causing the foursome to start throwing things at each other.


As 30-year-old Catelynne remained outside during the drama, she informed her co-stars, including Jade Klinethat Ashley was pregnant. (Ashley and ex Bar Smith parents of daughter Holly, age 5.)

Wednesday, January 18, long Twitter post Caitlynn explained that “During this whole fight between Ashley and Briana, only two of us girls knew Ashley was pregnant. I was outside when the real physical part of the fight happened, but I told Ashley (after all the yelling at dinner) that she didn’t need this stress, drama, etc. because it was bad for her and the baby!”

The Michigan native continued: “AFTER I learned about the physical attacks and the risks, I decided to let Jade know that Ashley was pregnant so at least everyone would know! Because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!”


Caitlynn, who starred in the TV series Teenage mother franchise since its inception in 2009 with 16 and pregnant – I thought about my decision, but came to the conclusion that I made the right choice.

“Did I tell Jade about Ashley’s pregnancy correctly? Not! … But honestly, I never thought Ashley would ever get physically fit and take such a risk with someone knowing she was pregnant!” she noted. “If I ever tried to fight any girl, I would like to know if she is pregnant or not! Or if I had an acquaintance that I knew who was hiding her pregnancy and she was out of control of her emotions and was about to get into a physical fight with someone, you best believe I would run there and yell at everyone involved, ‘ She is pregnant! Don’t touch her! so that I can try to reduce the risk of something dangerous happening to her and her baby!”

The microblading expert concluded her post by affirming that she “will ALWAYS put safety over loyalty when it comes to prioritization and I will never regret it!”

Teen Mom Family ReunionSeason 2 had quite a bit of drama, including a heartbreaking moment between Catelyn and her mom, Aprilwho had a tumultuous relationship over the years.


On the January 10 episode of the show, Catelyn was in tears as she confronted her mom about how she was treated as a child, with April sobbing.

The reality TV star has been candid about her journey since the 2009 episode 16 and pregnantwho saw her and her then-boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra – they got married in 2015 – gave their first daughter, Carly, up for adoption.

Baltierra has three more daughters: Novali, 8, Vaeda, 3, and Riya Rose, born in August 2021.

In December 2022, Catelyn opened exclusively for Us weekly about how she and Tyler, also 30, talk to their kids about Carly’s adoption.

“It’s really all about honesty when it comes to adoption,” she shared. “When they’re old enough, we can watch it together.”


She added that the conversations on the subject “will continually evolve as my daughters get older and I have to keep explaining that,” but stressed that “being honest and transparent, I think that’s the best way to be a parent when it comes down to our history.”

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