Why didn’t Carrie call 911? The Biggest Question Answered About And Just Like That Death

That’s the question that has been screaming fans since the Sex and the City reboot premiered with a shocking death. And now we know the answer. Warning: Spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers For And Just Like That Episode 1, ‘Hello It’s Me’


We can’t help but wonder, why didn’t Carrie call 911?

It’s the question that’s haunted by shocking critics and fans premiere of sex and the City reboot, and just like that, last Thursday.

Carrie – played by Sarah Jessica Parker – returns home from a piano recital when she finds her husband, Mr. Big (Chris Noth), who is apparently suffering from some sort of medical problem in the bathroom after a half-hour peloton session. leans against the wall.


The pair stare at each other before Carrie realizes something is terribly wrong as she walks up to him, shouting his name and caressing his body while the shower water runs around them.


A few seconds later, she explains: “And just like that, Big is dead”.

But Big appears alive for at least half a minute when Carey finds him, and even after losing a pulse, it seems odd that emergency help hasn’t been called.


Vulture Events second-by-second a . broke in uber detailed article, before interviewing the cardiologist to find out if Big could have been saved.

Bad news, folks, he could have done a lot better. And it’s all Carrie’s fault.

“It’s her fault. Without trying to point a finger at her, it’s entirely (Carey’s) fault,” Daniel Luger, a cardiologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, told the publication.

He continued: “So there are many different ways that you can die from a heart attack, but generally the way a heart attack kills someone is a blockage of an artery that causes the electrical conduction system in the heart muscle. instability occurs.


“If you die suddenly, you probably have electrical complications from a blocked artery. If he was in the hospital or if the EMS was with him when it happened, they could shock him out of that rhythm at all.”

“It’s a very treatable problem in a hospital setting. People don’t die from heart attacks anymore because we’re so good at opening arteries too quickly, treating sequelae of coronary disease or pump failure — we do all those things.” are good at reversing.


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Dr. Luger further explained what Carey should have done when he realized that Big was having a heart attack.

“Your brain can survive without oxygen anywhere for three minutes. What he had to do was, when he fainted and lost a pulse, he needed to start CPR immediately. Feel for a pulse, help Call for it and start doing chest compressions,” he said.

“Because you can totally stimulate blood flow to the brain and the rest of the vital organs with CPR, and once the EMS came on, they could revive him quickly with drugs and defibrillation.

“He needed to do CPR. It’s a PSA: if you see someone losing consciousness, the first thing you do is feel a pulse. If there’s no pulse, you call EMS and without delay The chest compressions start. You can definitely save lives this way. He didn’t need to die. It’s a god damn thing.”

Whether it was a matter of lazy writing or not, Mr. Big was always going to die in the resurrection.

SATC Producer Michael Patrick King told Entertainment Weekly She Called on Big’s Fate Before hitting the drawing board on the chain.

“I wouldn’t come back if I didn’t have a really strong impulse” [to explore the idea of] ‘Is it better to be loved and lost than never to be loved?’ for character [Carrie] Who has done nothing but try to get love from this one person,” said the king.

“I also felt comfortable because the DNA is the same. People forget, Carrie never had a big one in the series. She gave him a brief — a minute or two. And she doesn’t have a big one anymore. It’s just a different circumstance.” It is more final.”

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