Who plays Rory Gilcrest in Criminal Minds: Evolution?

Sebastian Shire is the actor portraying Gilcrest in Criminal Minds: Evolution. His latest killer role is the latest in a string of appearances on various high-profile shows. Earlier in the year, he played a college student in the third episode of the popular ABC workplace sitcom Abbott Elementary. He is also referred to as “the goon” in the fourth episode of Craig Gillespie’s real-life-inspired series Pam & Tommy, which starred Sebastian Stan, Lily James, and Seth Rogen.


Back in his career, Shear played a student in the second season of Mick, Caitlin Olson’s (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) short-lived comedy about a maladjusted woman raising her wealthy sister’s children. One of his most notable roles was in a 2014 episode of the ABC series Modern Family. Shear played Xander, a friend of Luke (Nolan Gould) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) whom Claire (Julie Bowen) didn’t trust. As seen in his IMDb video, Shir is also a martial artist.

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