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TOMMY Mullet is a reality TV star and business owner who rose to fame after joining the cast of Toey in 2014.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cheeky guy who proposed to his girlfriend Georgia Kosulu in February 2022.



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Who is Tommy Mallet?

Tommy Mallet, 30, grew up in Islington, north London.

His parents actually tied the knot on television – they were the lead couple in the 1999 BBC series Love Town.

In the series, his parents ran away to Gretna Green, but his mother arrived with a bus full of people from her hometown in Ireland.


Tommy moved to Ess*x with his parents when he was 15 and was apparently nicknamed “Patrick Swayze of Ess*x”.


More about Tommy Mallet

He says that he avoids drinking because he is a “nightmare” when he drinks and that he doesn’t want to get into trouble but is just “focused on life”.

Tommy spoke about his struggle with dyslexia, urging school kids that it doesn’t matter if they’re not academic, as they can still achieve a lot – like him – if they’re determined and work hard.


He also revealed how his piriformis syndrome caused him to be “stuck in a corset” for several months.

When did Tommy Mallet join Towie?

Tommy joined the cast of Towie in 2014 for series 13 and was the only new character to join for that season.

His relationship with the stunning blonde Georgia Kosulu launched him well and truly into the public consciousness, and most of his storylines revolve around their ever-blooming romance.

He was already friends with James “Arg” Argent before he went on the show, and these days you’ll see him kicking around with the likes of Pete Wicks and Dan Edgar.


How long have Tommy Mallet and Georgia Kosulu been dating?

Tommy and Georgia have been dating for eight years, and despite a rocky start, the couple insist they are still in love.

Their relationship is the longest-running reality show with other on-screen couples who can’t go the distance.


Despite a shaky start, the couple grew stronger along with characteristics such as his fierce loyalty and clear affection for Georgia, earning him a place in the hearts of viewers.

Tommy proposed to Georgia in February 2022 while on vacation in Mexico.

The proposal was filmed in the second season of their Georgia & Tommy: Baby Steps show.

Speaking to the team, Tommy said: “Since I had a baby with Georgia, I realized that she is like a superwoman, she is the best mother in the world.”

How many children do Georgia and Tommy have?

In December 2020, Georgia and Tommy announced they were expecting their first child.

The couple confirmed Kristen Bell Tattoos’s Instagram exclusive and shared a cute family selfie of Georgia hugging her dog and Tommy holding up a picture of the baby.

He wrote: “Here’s good news for the end of 2020, I feel so happy and now my life seems complete ❤️ @georgiakousoulou May 2021.”

Georgia gave birth to a baby boy named Brody Fordham on May 5, 2021 and Tommy broke the happy news on Instagram.

What does Tommy Mallet do for a living?

Tommy doesn’t just spend his days walking the streets of Ess*x “unexpectedly” bumping into other actors, oh no.

He launched a business empire – he not only collaborated with the Belvoir & Co brand to create a line of glasses and sunglasses, but also has his own shoe company.

Since its launch in 2015, the shoe business has taken off and is available online as well as in stores across the country such as Selfridges.

As if that weren’t enough, he is also the co-owner of the popular Circuit nightclub in Ess*x.

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