Who is Talia Ryder? Facts about the West Side Story actress

Key Cast Steven Spielberggonna come story of the west reconstruction Full of talent including names and faces, you will surely recognize as well as a handful of new people names and faces that you will definitely not forget once you see them on the big screen. This mix of fresh and famous faces stars 19-year-old actress Talia Ryder, who has experience on stage and screen. Talia Makes Her Broadway Debut Matilda the Musical, and has since starred in the indie film sometimes sometimes sometimes always, Her role as Tessa in story of the west She’s sure to have a major breakout role, and as the actress already has a few other projects in post-production, you’re going to see a lot more of her. So, now is an equally good time to get acquainted better with this multi-talented lady. Here are some fun facts about Talia that will make her feel like an old friend seeing her on screen.


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