Who is Martin Kemp’s daughter Harleymun?

HARLYMOON Kemp is the daughter of 80s pop stars Martin and Shirley Kemp.

Here’s everything we know about Harleymoon and her famous family.



Harleymun Kemp is the daughter of Martin and Shirley Kemp and the older sister of Roman Kemp.1 credit

Who is Harleymun Kemp?

Harleymun Kemp, 33, is the daughter of former Spandau Ballet and EastEnders star Martin and former Wham! backing vocalist Shirley.

Born in 1989, Harleymoon was the couple’s first child.

In 1994, the Kemp family expanded with the birth of their second child, Roman, who is now a TV presenter and radio DJ on the Capital breakfast show.

In addition to being the center of attention for parents, the siblings also had a famous godfather – the late George Michael.

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What does Harleymoon do for a living?

Harleymoon has had a successful career of her own and seems to be following in her parents’ footsteps.

33-year-old singer-songwriter.

She often showcases her musical talent on her Instagram by posting videos of songs she has written.

Her latest single PRETTY 4 U is available for pre-order now.


And it looks like her parents’ experience in the music industry has helped the rising star in her own career.

Harleymoon said her parents are supportive of her music, but they both give her advice in different ways.

Dad Martin tells her “everything I want to hear,” while Shirley’s mom is a tougher critic.

She said, “Mom cares a lot about our family.

“She gives advice, helps, comes up with ideas. But she’s hard to impress. She will tell everyone what she thinks, from the bottom of her heart. It doesn’t upset me, because in general she is right.”


In addition to her rising music career, Harleymoon is also a photographer, director, and co-owner of a production company.

Is Harleymun married with children?

Harleymun is not married and has no children.

In an exclusive interview with Kristen Bell Tattoos, she opened up about her personal life and revealed that she hasn’t found love in years.

What did Harleymun say about her famous family?

In December 2022, Harleymoon revealed what it was like growing up with famous parents.

The 33-year-old singer opened up about her personal life and how she’s been single for seven years – something she blames on her famous mom and dad, who have been married for almost 35 years.


She said, “I’m not married because I haven’t found anyone good enough.

“I know what ‘good’ looks like — my parents are very in love with each other, they hang out all the time and are best friends.

“When it’s what you’re looking for, the bar is set pretty high.

“They definitely ruined my romance.”

Now Harleymoon believes that no relationship can match her parents’ love story.

She explained, “When people go to men like their father, I get it. My dad is so kind and passionate.

“But finding someone who matches that is proving to be very difficult.

“I remember when my parents released a Christmas album. They played in the Royal Symphony Hall, singing love songs to each other. How am I supposed to compete with that?”

Even though she hasn’t found love yet, Harleymoon has definitely been successful, as has her brother Roman.

Roman, who has over 2.5 million listeners on a weekly basis for his Capital Radio show, has seen his profile skyrocket over the years, and he has his sister Harleymoon to thank for quietly helping him launch his career.

Harleymun said: “I helped him find his agent. I took him to auditions when he was younger. When he was 16, he tried to figure out what he wanted to do.

“I was a photographer, so I did a photo shoot with him and sent the photo to modeling agencies. In turn, he supports all my projects.”

Harleymoon also admitted that her friends call her “invisible” Kemp due to her absence from family projects like Celebrity Gogglebox.

But it wasn’t because she didn’t want to be an armchair critic – she actually didn’t know anything about her family’s appearance on the hit Channel 4 show.

She said: “I wasn’t invited, damn it. I didn’t even have a clue this was happening. I’ve been backstage for so long.

“I became a photographer and created a production company. I also direct fashion commercials, so I’m used to being behind the camera.

“When I actually went to events with my family and we were featured in the papers, my friends would joke that it would be ‘Martin, Shirley, Roman and Sister’. They always tease me about it.

“When Gogglebox came out, my friend saw it in the newspaper – a picture of a family and even three dogs – and she drew a little person in my place and wrote: “Look at you all on the couch.” !’ It’s fun, but I didn’t really know about it.”

Harleymun also revealed that she knows how women feel about her father and accepted his status as a s*x symbol.

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She explained, “It’s not weird to think of him that way. He looks good. It’s the same with Roman. Good male genes are inherited. And my mom doesn’t mind.

“She’s actually the one telling him to look good, to get his hair cut, she’s the one making sure Operation Kemp runs smoothly.”

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