Who is John Godolkin from Gen V?

When considering favorite superhero team leaders, the options are endless. Charles Xavier rescues lost mutant children and educates them at a school for the gifted. Nick Fury may be a little tougher in his ambitions, but he still has noble intentions to unite the Avengers. But when viewers get to know the leader of the G-Men, don’t expect it to be touching. Typical of the Boys world. John Godolkin is a despicable outright villain.


A clear reference to Marvel’s X-Men, the G-Men are a team of superheroes united by one person. Unfortunately for The Boys characters, Godolkin is not Professor X. Instead of being guided by a sense of altruism, you will not find any positive qualities in this team leader. While Professor X only wants to help young mutants, Godolkin only wants to take advantage of the G-Men. By kidnapping children from their homes at a young age, Godolkin s*xually abuses them in order to lure them into his service. His departure and abuse is so brutal that his former victims even join in on the assault of new G-Men recruits. And as a Homelander working for Vought, Godolkin’s work is accepted simply because his team is one of the best.

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