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A NEW Netflix movie titled Dave’s Bank tells the true story of self-made millionaire Dave Fishwick.

The 51-year-old first rose to fame in 2012 when a Channel 4 documentary showed his efforts to reform the country’s banking system.



Dave Fishwick is the subject of a new Netflix film called Dave’s Bank.1 credit

Who is Dave Fishwick?

David “Dave” Fishwick is a businessman, television host and writer.

Fishwick was born in Lancashire in March 1971 at the age of 51.

He made his millions by starting his own minibus company.


His business is now the UK’s largest supplier of new and used vans, mini-buses and wheelchair accessible vehicles.


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In 2011, Dave founded Burnley Savings And Loans, a private lending company that became the subject of Channel 4’s Dave’s Bank.

Dave vowed, “My bank may be tiny, but it will be better than the High Street bank.


“Hardworking and honest people can no longer take loans. I can’t do anything worse than greedy and reckless banks.”

In 2017, he was the subject of another Channel 4 show called Dave’s Guide to Spending Money, in which he used his entrepreneurial skills to sell bottled tap water.

Some of his other shows: “David Fishwick: Loan Ranger”, “Can Real Estate Pay You Wages?” and a Buyer’s Guide to Saving Money.

He was also the host of How to Get Rich Quick and Your Money and Your Life.


Dave wrote a book called Bank Of Dave: How I Take On The Banks. His book appeared on the Sunday Times Business bestseller list in 2012.

What is the net worth of Dave Fishwick?

Dave’s exact net worth is unknown but is estimated InformationCelebrities be in the millions.


He left the school without qualifications.

He said daily star: “I didn’t have anything, not even the price of chips. It was 37 pence.”

After working as a construction worker, he had the idea to fix cars that a local dealer had accepted as trade items at auction, agreeing on a price in advance and keeping any profits.

He has grown his business into the largest van supply company in the UK.

After the 2008 credit crunch, he founded Burnley Savings And Loans to fight people being ripped off by payday loans.

talking to This is money Of payday loan companies, Fishwick said: “How can debt go from £80 to £500? It is not right. We saw more and more letters and wanted to use our power to help.

“I like to fight hooligans, they don’t scare me.”

Within six months, the company, known for its Bank On Dave slogan, made over £10,000 in profits which were donated to local charities.

Is Dave Fishwick Married?

David Fishwick has been married to his biochemist wife Nicola for 28 years.

The couple first met in a garage while he was building his supply business empire.

They have two children named Sarah and Connor.

What is Dave’s Bank movie about?

Dave’s Bank is a new Netflix film that tells the incredible story of a 51-year-old man’s project to start a savings and loan firm after the 2008 financial crisis.

The film also stars Joel Fry, Rory Kinnear and Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor.

Bank Of Dave launched worldwide on Netflix on Monday, January 16, 2023.

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