What the cast of Boogie Nights are doing today

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One of the most memorable moments of Boogie Nights was the infamous firecracker scene. Boogie Nights is an ensemble film with many different characters, and Molina starred as Rahad Jackson, a wealthy junkie who invites Wahlberg, Reilly and Jane to his house with disastrous results.


The role was also proposed to Sean Pennwho refused. (Penn later starred in Anderson’s last film, Licorice Pizza, as Jack Holden.) Most people first saw Molina at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where he played the role of Satipo (“Throw me the whip!”). However, the British-born actor has been active since 1978, first appearing on the sitcom The Losers.

A few years after the Raiders, Molina had roles in the comedy Letter to Brezhnev and the British drama Prick Up Your Ears. Prior to Boogie Night, Molina also had roles in Maverick, the film adaptation of the 1960s television western and the sci-fi horror film Views. Molina also directed well-known stage productions in Tennessee Williams’ play The Night of the Iguana, as well as David Mamet’s play Plow Speed.

After Boogie Nights, Molina had roles in Chocolate, Frida, and Murder on the Orient Express. In 2002, Molina broke into the Marvel Universe by playing Doctor Otto Octavius, also known as Doc Ock, in Spider-Man 2. The way home.”


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