“What screams insecurity but most people don’t realize?” (33 answers)

Rumoring about the most trivial things, damaged self-image, fear of failure, dealing with social anxiety, constant seeking of reassurance – these are all a minor part of what we call “insecurity”. It’s a universal part of the human condition, and while there’s no single cause for this incredibly terrifying condition, it’s safe to say that a fair portion stems from trauma.

But the point here is that insecurity is complex.


Sometimes you can tell that someone has low self-esteem by their speech, behavior, and even their posture in certain situations. But there are people who are good at hiding it. So, are you curious to know about these signs of insecurity that are not obvious?

“Which screams insecurity but most people don’t realize. [it]? – This internet user explored one of Reddit’s most insightful and thought-provoking communities, asking its members to reveal obscure behavioral traits that indicate someone with confidence. There is a shortage. The thread received almost 40K upvotes as well as 16.7K comments with some interesting responses.

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Now to know more, Decided to reach out. Zara-Da professional who Helps people build confidence and trust from within, so they can be themselves, do what they want to do, and live life on their own terms, free of regrets..

“Our makeup as human beings is based on our values ​​and beliefs, and these begin to form in childhood. I believe the same is true for self-esteem. It is built on learned experience and our relationship with ourselves. If “We feed ourselves. From a place of insecurity, with rude, negative thoughts, our self-esteem will inevitably suffer,” said Zara-D When we thought about why people struggle with self-esteem.

We then asked our expert how to deal with insecurities: “You must first accept and acknowledge how you feel. Only when you recognize that you have insecurities. Working from a place of , you can take steps to move forward. Challenge and initiate your inner dialogue. Show yourself some love and kindness. Focus on your strengths, qualities, and accomplishments, and daily. Start practicing gratitude.”


of the thread the authorA 19-year-old college student also offered his input.


“I recently graduated from school and entered a university where I have now moved and am living with other dorm students. Now that I am meeting new people, I am constantly Seeing that they were working on their insecurities, I was interested in learning more about the way people behave. Netizen responded when we asked about the inspiration behind the post.

BP then invited the fresher to answer his question: “i) talking bad about someone who is better than them to feed their ego. iii) Buff-friendly tight shirts.” Wearing and posing next to girls, yes, that happens a lot here. As a buff dude, I’d say it’s not bad at all to dress one’s way, one’s physical attributes at least. To me the whole personality screams insecurity.”

OK, now that we’ve dealt with insecurities from a professional perspective, looked at the author’s comments, and collectively agreed with the “buff dudes” remarks – let’s finally move on to the article!

Never apologize

Some people will twist the story, change the way it happened and tell it so convincingly that they will believe their own nonsense but never apologize.

Sven Penn , Suzy Hazlewood Reports

10 63a1b0cdaec7a 700 When you achieve something or improve your life in any way, and their first instinct is to tease or make fun of you, it actually screams instant jealousy.

Timbuckley01 , leyla.a Reports

1 63a1aaa44ff0a 700 Taking a situation that was never about you or that you weren’t involved in and somehow making it all about you and playing the victim (even though you intervened and made yourself the “victim” was made)

Professional-Exit754 , Mart Production Reports

pexels pixabay 259165 63a1ba22508da 700 1. Wearing big designer logos like Flip-Flop on everything

2. Bragging about money/girls

3. Lying about small and meaningless things

4. Changing their views and norms based on who they talk to in hopes of being liked.

Izwift , Pixabay Reports

pexels fauxels 3184418 63a1a9bf5033d 700 In leadership terms, this is when someone can’t (or won’t) get input from the rest of their team and tries to act like they have all the answers. I was once this kind of insecure leader and I thought that if I used the idea of ​​someone with less experience, everyone would think I was a weak leader. But after I was fired from that position I had to work for a lot of managers who did many of the same stupid things I was doing but grew out of years of insecurity/habit/karma.

I’ve since learned that if I listen to people, discuss processes, go along with other people’s ideas, and especially give them credit that you can quickly gain more influence and Get respect. Even those with little experience should be considered for input. I feel terrible for the people who had to work with me, but now I don’t just act like a more competent leader, I am a more competent leader.

Shakespearean TL; DR “Accept every man’s condemnation, but reserve your judgment.”

poizunman206 , fauxels Reports

9 63a1ab0c0b693 700 When they can’t make fun of themselves

Edit: Holy yes the opposite is as bad as I know. I’ve literally made the same comment about 100 times 😭 please stop redditors, my notifications can’t handle it.

The Galagremlin , Cottonborough Studio Reports

op 63a1b8f8e89a5 png 700 The three I always look for are:

1. Clear display of intelligence/strength.
2. Putting others down.
3. The need to closely monitor the behavior of others.

Conway_Morning , Andrea Piacquadio Reports

pexels burst 374703 63a1ba586a6e1 700 not listening Preparing for the next smart thing to say without listening to what the other is saying.

Dennis V. 1993 , to explode Reports

pexels fauxels 3184465 63a1b4e8d3511 700 Those handshakes that are firm to the point that you wonder if they’re really trying to hurt you.

bawdyloco , fauxels Reports

pexels andres ayrton 6550872 63a1b6f83823a 700 Insecurity can manifest in a variety of ways and can be difficult to detect, as people often try to cover up or hide their insecurities. Some common behaviors or actions that may indicate insecurity include:

Constantly Seeking Validation or Reassurance: If a person is constantly seeking validation or reassurance from others, it may be a sign that they feel insecure and unsure of themselves.

Putting others down: People who are insecure may try to make themselves feel better by putting others down or putting them down.

Overcompensating: A person who is insecure may try to compensate by exaggerating or exaggerating their achievements or abilities.

Being overly critical of yourself or others: Sometimes insecurities can lead to being overly critical of yourself or others.

Being overly defensive: If a person becomes defensive or reactive when their beliefs or actions are questioned, this may be a sign of insecurity.

It’s important to remember that everyone experiences insecurity at some point in their lives, and it’s a normal part of being human. However, it is important to address and work through insecurities in a healthy way to promote personal growth and well-being.


Brickite , Andres Ayrton Reports

50603307291 fd68ac2b67 c 63a1baa4d2f9c 700 People who wear ridiculous clothes at ridiculous prices just to show off are financially very well off. Usually young people.

Carry train , Rob Oliveira Reports

1 63a1b8942b401 png 700 Trying to justify every “mistake”, usually the least of it, but once you see someone do it, you can’t stop noticing when they do it. .

Benitocamello 11 , Sora Shimazaki Reports

9 63a1ac02e81c6 700 When they see a point that makes them look better than the other person and stick to that point.

Edit: The situation is subjective, and I’m talking about a situation where the person punches someone to feel good about themselves. I didn’t mean someone who needed positive affirmation.

Far_yard , RODNAE Productions Reports

11 63a1b1b020c50 700 When they can’t give constructive criticism

I dedicate this post to my ex-girlfriend! Hopefully she can take constructive criticism now!

Hi-fi came , Delivery Reports

pexels luis quintero 1510542 63a1b98aa51aa 700 “Oh no I’m not jealous like other girls, he can like and talk about other girls’ body parts, I’ll watch with him, it’s fun” girl you’re convincing yourself not me

Vanessa_Arwin , Luis Quintero Reports

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