What John Larroquette Has Been Up To Since Night Trial Ended In 1992

“Night Court” was far from John Larroquette’s first outing in a sitcom. His very first television appearance was on an episode of the classic NBC show Sanford & Son. He also appeared on other classic sitcoms of the era, including Three’s Company and Mork & Mindy. Given this and the popularity of his character Dan Fielding, it’s no surprise that shortly after the end of Night Court, Larroquette immediately went on to star in his own sitcom, The John Larroquette Show.


The NBC show, which premiered in the fall of 1993, revolves around the character of John Hemingway, played by Larroquette, a bus depot manager in St. Louis. Topics typically included restoring sobriety to the alcoholic Hemingway and membership in Alcoholics Anonymous, with whom Larroquette is familiar (through westward).

The John Larroquette Show struggled to attract viewers. Although his premises underwent some refurbishment after the end of the first season in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere of the show, he only managed to last two more seasons. It was abruptly canceled just a month after the start of the fourth season in 1996.

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