What each capital has prepared for the New Year

With only a few days left until the end of 2022, Australians are looking for the perfect way to say goodbye to the year gone by.

Every capital city has plenty of activities for those who want to get out of the house and welcome 2023 with a bang – literally.


Fireworks shows in all major cities are free to attend, but this year there are a few special extras for the whole family.

Here’s where you can find the perfect place to celebrate the New Year.



South Australians will be invited to spend 31 December at Rymill Park/Murlavirrapurka to see them in 2023.


Starting at 6:00 pm, the social event will feature live music, itinerant performers and a variety of food options.

Visitors can enjoy a “hybrid” show of lights and fireworks at 21:30 and again as the clock strikes midnight.


Other events in Adelaide include a collaborative effort between Peel Street and Lee Street locations that make up the “Midnight Moments” of the city of Adelaide.

This special evening will feature live music on both streets and street restaurants with participating venues including Jennie Wine Bar, Alfred’s Bar, Maybe Mae, Leigh Street Luggage, Pink Moon Saloon and more.

If you’d rather spend 2022 by the ocean, the Glenelg Coast is once again the place to celebrate.

An early fireworks display at 21:30 will take place before the traditional midnight show, and family entertainment will start from 19:00 on the beach.



This year, Western Australians can watch fireworks over the Swan River and the Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair is ready to set the sky on fire.


The fireworks extravaganza will start at 21:00 so that the kids can at least get a taste of the main show, which of course starts at midnight.

The Elizabeth Quay Amusement Fair, open from 5:00 pm, offers an amusement alley, rides and food trucks to help people enjoy the last hours of the year.

Stilts and jesters are also part of the fun.

To get a better view of the fireworks, visitors are advised to find a good early spot at the Elizabeth Embankment entrance and bridge or other lookouts throughout the city.


Melbourne’s families can see the action in the dedicated kids’ areas at Docklands, Flagstaff Gardens, Kings Domain and Treasury Gardens, which offer the best view of the fireworks.

Light installations, food trucks, live music and performances will keep everyone entertained without an appointment.

The midnight fireworks display is “meant to be viewed from afar” and will see both fireworks and lasers come to life in the city.

Both should be visible from most parts of the city, but a view of the skyline from afar will provide the best view.

Festivities in the family zones will begin at 18:00 and will last until 1:00 a.m. on New Year’s Eve.


Sydney residents are once again invited to Sydney Harbor to watch the magnificent fireworks display at the Harbor Bridge.

The Family Morning Sky Show will start at 21:00 and the “main event” will start at midnight.

Fireworks are best seen at the Sydney Opera House, but there is little space and the site is open from 13:00.

Alcohol is permitted and available for purchase only in licensed areas.

See the full list of events in Sydney here.


Tasmanians are invited to watch Hobart’s fireworks over Sullivan’s Cove along the Derwent River.

Two eight-minute fireworks – the first at 21:30 and the second dedicated to the New Year at midnight – will be launched from a barge in the Derwent River.

The best viewing experience is expected to be at the Taste Of Summer event, the regatta ground, the lawns in front of the Houses of Parliament and Princes Park.

There is free parking at the Regatta Grounds, with enough space for families to enjoy an evening near the Cenotaph.

All garbage from the evening fireworks display is biodegradable and will not harm marine life or the environment.

Steps are being taken to ensure that the event is in line with the city’s waste management and environmental policies.


South Bank parks will come to life on December 31st when the Lord Mayor sets off New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Two special fireworks shows are scheduled for the evening, with the first family show starting at 20:30.

For those slightly older who may stay up longer, a dedicated midnight display will be welcome in 2023.

The event is non-alcoholic, admission is free.


As the nation’s capital prepares for New Year’s Eve, Lake Burley Griffin will host two fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve, one at 9pm and the other at midnight.

Families are invited to have a picnic from 6:00 pm in one of four key areas along the coast.

Regatta Point, Patrick White Lawns, Rond Terrace and Bowen Park offer the best views of the sky.

Food trucks, first aid, portable toilets and security are some of the services available during the night, and DJs are in every area to create a positive atmosphere leading up to the fireworks until 9pm.

There will be two locations for fireworks – one in the central pool and one in the east.

The West Pool won’t be featured at the show this year, and Lennox Garden doesn’t have a hub either.


The Northern Territory will be spending 2022 on the Darwin Riverfront with a little help from music icons Birds of Tokyo, Melanie Gray Duo, DJ Lady Kay and, for the kids, Bananas in Pajamas.

The free, non-alcohol and non-smoking event will open at 3:00 pm with entertainment starting at 5:00 pm.

Alcohol is prohibited in the event area, but access to all restaurants remains open.

Picnics at the event are welcome, but for those who prefer to buy dinner, food trucks will be available on Kitchener Drive.

The birds of Tokyo will surprise the crowd until the fireworks at 21:00, while local DJ Lady Kay will introduce 2022.

Reservations are required for waterfront restaurants.

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