What did Larisa Oleinik do after “10 Things I Hate About You”?

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Larisa Oleinik’s career was more relaxed in the 2000s as she deliberately took a break from acting to attend college and earn her degree (via Better life online). In addition to occasional guest roles on series such as Malcolm in the Middle, Without a Trace, and Psych, she has appeared in some independent and direct-to-video films, such as the well-reviewed but somewhat aptly titled Kinsman. Obscurity” in 2007 (via IMDb). She became busier in the 2010s, taking on more roles both on stage and screen.


Notably, Oleinik began working in the horror genre when she appeared in the 2014 feature film Jessabel and starred in the 2019 film Animals Among Us. She said Painfully beautiful on the latter: “I don’t even consider it a horror movie. I mean, I don’t like horror movies, but I like weird and twisted movies.”

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