What did Bree Harrison from Gold Rush do in her free time while filming?

In the 2020 AMA thread on the r/goldrush u/hoogie52 subreddit, Bree Harrison was asked what she did in her free time while filming the show, and reply was rather unsurprising, given Harrison’s tomboyish portrayal on the show. “I hike, I go kayaking, I work on my truck, I travel with my dogs. The film crew always puts on something fun at their camp on the weekends.” Given Harrison’s posts about being supportive of her crew members, it’s no wonder she spends her weekends hanging out with the crew. It might even give her the opportunity to connect with more women than she sees on her workdays.


Harrison hasn’t appeared on the show since Season 10 and doesn’t seem to miss him. In the Reddit thread for the Season 12 episode “Spin to 11”, many commenters made disparaging remarks about Rick Ness’s new girlfriend, and Harrison got fed up with their comments. “These comments make me very grateful that I no longer appear on television.” — Harrison. commented. “The way women are discussed on the show gets worse every year.” So fans hoping to see Harrison again in a future Gold Rush episode are probably out of luck and have some rougher fans to thank for that.

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