What Adam West Was Really Like While Recording Family Guy

According to executive producer Steve Callaghan, while the character of Mayor West was undeniably a little wild at times, the man who provided the voice for Family Guy’s controversial personality was a pleasure to work with. Writing Adam West’s first foray into the series in Season 2, Episode 12 (“Fifteen Minutes of Shame”), while working together on Family Guy, Callaghan became friends with the cult actor. In an interview, he reflected on how brave West was about being on the often foul-mouthed adult-themed series and his excellent ex*cution of the material he was given. “He was just such a good athlete. Always very funny. He is so easy to work with, easy to take direction,” Callaghan said. Entertainment Weekly. “I think he really enjoyed being part of the show as much as we enjoyed having him.”


And Callaghan wasn’t the only executive producer to praise his work on the series. “Adam West was a pleasure to work with and you always wanted to be around him,” Seth MacFarlane wrote in a touching tribute to the actor after his d*ath (via Term). “His positivity, good nature and sense of humor were undeniable and it was always a big burst of energy when he walked in to record a show.”

There’s no denying that West was a positive influence on many people who watched or heard him on TV, but even when the microphones weren’t hot or the cameras weren’t rolling, West knew how to make people smile and feel good.


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