West Side Story Funny Tweets, Memes and Reactions

*Aggressive snapping in the distance.*

Last weekend, the much-anticipated remake of Steven Spielberg story of the west Really great reviews came out!


anyway, you already Know Theater lovers everywhere got all kinds of reactions to the film, so we delve deeper Twitter And Tumblr To round up some of the best for your viewing pleasure! Ready? here is my:


This third gang:


I like to imagine a third gang in West Side Story where the only unifying factor is that the members have failed dance auditions for the other two, often with the camera snapping this sad group at different times. And getting disappointed.

Twitter: @petridishes



This list of highlights:

Highlights of the #WestSideStory Movie (Although It Was All Good): 1) Rachel Ziegler 2) Mike Fast 3) (Unexpectedly) The movie version of “Gee, Officer Krupke”

Twitter: @barry_bach



This Gilmore Girls Crossover:


This one year old cat:

To think that in a year we have In the Heights, Tick Tick Boom and now West Side Story. Three movies that prove how great and exquisite film music can be

Twitter: @MattBateman1991

So, we got it – what did you think story of the west, Share all your thoughts in the comments below! Oh! And if you liked what you read, be sure to click on both and follow your favorite creators Twitter And Tumblr To make your schedule more fun, dreary space!



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