Weirdest Reasons Actors Accepted Movie Roles

In the 1990s, Chloe Sevigny was hailed as Hollywood’s “that girl”. Profile 1994 New Yorker reveled in her seemingly effortless charm, citing her appearance in the Sonic Youth music video and modeling career as the reason teens get mad at the sight of a rising star.


The following year, Sevigny made her film debut in Larry Clark’s controversial drama Children, which was successfully followed by Gummo and American Psycho. Simply put, by the time the blonde actress landed the role of Daisy in 2003’s The Brown Bunny, she was on top of the world.

Vincent Gallo wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in this road drama centered on Bud (Gallo), a motorcycle racer who embarks on a cross-country journey to rid himself of memories of his ex-girlfriend Daisy (Sevigny).

The experimental and controversial film seemed to Sevigny a shocking choice, in part because of a scene in which she and Gallo engage in unsimulated s*xual intercourse. However, Sevigny claims that it was the flashy content that drew her to the role of Daisy.

Speaking at the 2017 Provincetown Film Festival, the actress explained that accepting the role in The Brown Bunny was a way of protesting her status as an It girl (via W magazine). “I think it was kind of a way to rebuild myself, which sounds weird, but after being famous and all that, ‘No, I’m not like that, I’m different, and that’s what I stand for.’ ”, she explained, adding that she wants to “go beyond the possible”.


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