Wednesday’s therapist has another bizarre connection to the Addams Family

Proving that he is a man of many talents, view Rika Lindhome’s credentials at IMDb reveals that she actually had some creative input in the 2019 Addams Family animation, one of the many adaptations known for the perfect voice that brought it to life. With the likes of Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron as Gomez and Morticia Addams, it also became home to the song. “It’s easy to be happy.” When the family moves to their new suburban neighborhood where everyone is too happy when you have no choice, the tune “Nails on the Board” was playing, and incredibly, it was written by Lindhome herself.


Already having a history of horror in various forms, from appearing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to starring in remakes of The Last House on the Left and Black Christmas, it’s good to see that Lindhome is also part of a more family-friendly but equally frightening households in pop culture in many ways. This is just one of many strings on Lindhome’s eclectic bow, given her long list of accomplishments. We’re just glad that unwanted earworm didn’t make its way to Netflix on Addams Wednesday.

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