Wednesday’s fans can’t contain their distaste for the series’ CGI

On Twitter, viewers were very vocal about their disgust at the appearance of the monster in “Wednesday”. This was especially true @gorminchaachiwho have stated so verbosely that they fought the urge to shut down the show because they found bad CGI so annoying. @chloe_india_ felt the same way, begging Netflix to increase the show’s budget so they wouldn’t have to stop watching.


On the other hand, some viewers were amused by the poor quality of the digital animation. @stargirlelliee admitted to giggling at how terrible it was, but still punctuated their tweet with a skull emoji to express their disapproval. Other stunned onlookers like @rozlynhodges wondered if it wasn’t “stupid”, and @astrolst laughed at it with a badly animated GIF of their own. But @hosoteratoma made an insightful comment that garnered quite a few likes that Netflix might want to take into account if a second season of Wednesday is in the works: “This CG drawing of Wednesday’s monster might be one of the worst CG images I’ve seen in a while “. It would literally be better if it was a fully animated stop-motion animation that looks like Tim Burton’s animated character anyway.”

Indeed, it seems like fans would rather see the monster go full steam ahead and embrace Tim Burton’s unique stop-motion animation style from previous projects like Corpse Bride instead of trying to divide the difference between bizarre and realistic with a poorly executed image. final product.


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