Watch Project Adam’s Walker Scobell create the perfect Ben 10 in this fan art

Courtesy Instagram user @spdrmnkyxxiii, we have a pretty good idea of ​​what Scobell will look like as a living Ben Tennyson, especially from a visual standpoint. From the Omnitrix on the wrist to the signature white t-shirt with black trim, Tennyson’s iconic design elements look perfect on Scobella. Of course, during the events of the original Ben 10 series, Tennyson is 10 years old and Scobell is much older, but it’s not like we haven’t seen the teenage version of the character before. Case in point: “Ben 10: Universe”, where he is 16 years old.


As the 2020s continue to unfold, no official news has reached the public about yet another snippet of the Ben 10 live performance. So Scobell portraying Ben Tennyson is a pipe dream at this point, but not just @spdrmnkyxxiii. In March 2022, a Reddit user u/AlphaCap02 created a thread to name Scobell as their ideal Ben 10 lead, and while there were few comments, most were supportive. Comrade Redditor u/DashMetchum even recommended that Scobell’s co-star in Project Adam Ryan Reynolds can join him as Ben 10K, an alternate future version of Tennyson where he becomes a full-time superhero.

Perhaps someday the Ben 10 franchise will come back to life, and if it does so soon, Scobell will undoubtedly be one of the most suitable candidates for the role of the main actor.


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