Warrior Nun Deserves to Find a New Home (And Why Amazon Should Pay Attention)

There are plenty of reasons why any streaming service should choose Warrior Nun for season 3 and beyond. It’s a women-centric fantasy series that blends romance, fantasy and action in a way that few shows have been able to do lately. It also received a lot of praise from critics, including Paul Tassi from Forbeswho wrote of the final season, “Things really take things to the next level in Season 2 as the show starts to completely mix science fiction and religion, which is something I didn’t expect from this series.”


And those positive reviews turned into a warm welcome from the general public. It’s not a show that is critically acclaimed but doesn’t resonate with the general public. All you need to do is go to Twitter and search for a hashtag. “#SaveWarriorNun” to find support packages from fans to save the show. And these voices come from all over the world; it is obvious that “Warrior Nun” has fans from dozens of countries.

It would be easy for another streamer to pick it up. It would be an instant way to create good karma among the fans and even lead to new subscribers, which is what all these platforms need to finally turn a profit. And we think we know the perfect home for the further promotion of Warrior Nun.


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