Walt Disney initially put off the lifeguards because they were too political

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Between the beginning of “Rescuers” as a project and its actual release on the screens, 15 years passed. It all started when English writer Margery Sharp wrote The Rescuers in 1959, followed by a sequel in 1962 called Miss Bianca. Animated film adaptation Cartoon Studies.


The Rescuers movie was originally supposed to be based on the first novel, which follows the efforts of Bernard and Miss Bianchi to rescue a Norwegian poet from his unjust imprisonment in an unnamed Eastern European country. Keeping the Cold War flavor but bringing the story closer to home, the guys at Disney remade The Rescuers into a story about a poet imprisoned in Cuba who was helped by mice to escape to the US – mind you, these were just a few. years after the success of the Cuban Revolution and the rise to power of Fidel Castro. This original version will have an epic, action-packed finale with machine gun fire and a boat chase in the Bahamas.

Walt Disney was not happy with this interpretation of the story, considering it too political for the studio. According to story artist Bernie Mattinson, “Walt looked at him and said, ‘God, it’s too dark in here.’ So the whole thing was put on hold.” Indeed, The Rescuers remained shelved until Disney died in 1966 and had to go through several more refits.

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