‘Wakanda Forever’ Writer Says M’Baku & Nakia Were Considered As Black Panther Replacements –

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a worldwide hit and moviegoers find out that Letitia Wright’s Shuri is the new Black Panther.

The sequel’s writers are opening up about what other characters they thought of to play the superhero after Chadwick Boseman’s d*ath.


“We’ll kick around ideas, and try to figure out where the story goes and what’s the most effective choice — what’s the best journey?” Narrated by screenwriter Joe Robert Cole rolling Stone. “And where do you go after the movie in terms of those characters? M’Baku was definitely someone who got kicked around a little bit.

Cole explained that going with Shuri was an easy path because the character has become the new Black Panther in the Marvel comics.

“Shuri is Black Panther and there’s a natural organicness to it, I think is the best way to say it for her to be a panther. But you kick the tires on all kinds of ideas. And you just want to make the best decision. And they want to do what’s best for the story,” added Cole.

The reporter suggested that Nikia, played by Lupita Nyong’o, would have been a perfect successor, with Cole saying, “She got kicked! Her name was definitely kicked.”


Although much of the script had to be changed after Boseman’s d*ath, one aspect of the story remained the same and that was revealing that T’Challa had a child.

“It was always in the DNA to have a baby of what we wanted to do,” Cole said. “We weren’t sure, after his passing, about the best way to incorporate him. So our new story had different iterations of him being the son, and we finally landed on the reveal.

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