Wakanda Forever vibranium underwater scene looked so real

As it turns out, the underwater search scene for vibranium was filmed entirely underwater. According to stunt coordinator and scuba expert Chris Denison. Diversity, NASA operators worked winches to lower the actors in their diving suits, while experienced freedivers escorted them to make sure they hit their target. Why not just use scuba divers? Because the released air bubbles will interfere with the post-production of the visual effects team. Denison recalls: “They would turn on the cameras and then they would say, ‘Hey, wait a second, Ryan has a note.’ I’m like, “Ryan, but [they’re underwater] – do it quickly!


While it’s far from the most flashy or over the top scene in the movie, knowing what happened in it makes it all the more impressive. Of course, this process wasn’t used for all the other underwater scenes in Wakanda Forever, and many of the other shots were taken over by the visual effects team. Wētā FX Visual Effects Supervisor Chris White lifted the curtain on this process during an interview with before and after. He explains that it took several different visual effects efforts to get these scenes right, from creating digital versions of the actors to fine-tuning the water physics. Not to mention, they had to consider lighting, movement, storytelling, and more.

Whatever you say about superhero movies and their impact on Hollywood, there is no doubt that the people behind them are doing an incredibly hard job. The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever team should be proud of their accomplishments.


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