Waitress Shut Down A Jerk Customer Calling Server Name And Seeing Underage Girls Goes Viral

Everyone who has worked in food service knows that there is no such thing as an easy day at work. And the major reasons are not natural disasters or infrastructure failures. No, most of the time it’s just because someone is a**hole.

But a Long Island diner waitress has too many rude customers. She’s going viral thanks to a video in which a woman locks up a particularly obnoxious man. was published by tiktok louis cozzolino, the clip shows her saying, “Honestly, no one wants to wait for you. I’m asking you kindly… can you please go now? You’ve got a cup of coffee from one of us.” , What else you need?”


Why did the staff want the man to leave, you might wonder? Well, looks like he was being too aggressive.

A dinner waitress from Long Island is going viral thanks to a TikTok where she puts a rude man in her place

image credit: luiscoz

From what we can hear in the video, it looks like he deserved it

image credit: luiscoz

The video has been viewed over 6.8 million times

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And there’s a Part II of the conflict too

@louiscozzmuch awaited part 2 #simsselfs #fyp #serverlife #Server #craftmcmyskipOriginal Sound – Luiscoz

People like the way the waitress handled the situation

And some are even thanking him in the dinner reviews

The woman also commented on the situation after the story went viral.

image credit: luiscoz

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