Vogue Williams furious after learning she was cheated on FOUR times

VOGUE Williams was furious when she found out she had been cheated on four times.

The Dublin native is happily married to former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews and they have three children, Theodore, Gigi and Otto.



Vogue Williams told how she found out that she was cheated onCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Vogue Williams was furious to find out she was cheated on for the fourth time


Vogue Williams was furious to find out she was cheated on for the fourth timeCredit: Getty Images

In the past, Vogue has been open about her past relationships before she got married.

Speaking with her friend and comedian Joan McNally on their My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast, she revealed how she found out a man was cheating on her with four people.

The MC said, “There have been a few times, but I actually found out about this man when we just stopped seeing each other and I found out about three people he cheated on me with.

“I found out about it and it didn’t matter, I said, ‘You’re an absolute snake.’ I wrote to him because we just broke up.


“And he said:“ Then we were not together, ”and I’m like:“ Yes, we were, we went on vacation, like a week ago.

“Someone told me that I was cheated on.”

The podcaster explained how he slept with someone while Vogue slept.

The Howth native said: “But a year later the same person — I got an email on Instagram from a girl.


“She emailed me and said, ‘Hey, I’m sorry and I feel really bad about this – I’m doing personal work and I want you to know that this happened. Basically, we lived next to each other, and you left and went to bed, and I slept with your boyfriend.

“And I thought, ‘Oh my God, I was sleeping!

“You know when it brings you back and you remember exactly that night they were talking about.”

Vogue was furious and did not respond to the girl who told her.


She said, “And I thought to myself, ‘What a nice girl,’ and then I thought, ‘Actually, you’re not doing this for me. You’re doing this for yourself, so I don’t reply or say thank you, so f*ck you.” and the horse you rode.”


“Imagine being scammed four times without even knowing it? What an idiot.”

This comes after Vogue reported that she is the parent of a “bad cop” following an incident that left her daughter “squealing” in the middle of the night.

The presenter explained that she was filming away from her home in London, leaving her reality TV star husband in charge.

She said: “I have been to Ireland twice this week and will go for the third time on Sunday.


“Now I have realized that I am a bad cop, but I am a bad cop among children because they need to keep a little bit in line, otherwise your life will be complicated.


“So I come home and Gigi is fast asleep in our bed and I was like, ‘No, no, no.’

“Everywhere above me, she’s always on me, Spenny still has all his sleeping space, but Gigi basically wants to lie in my head.

“I don’t want her in our bed, I just don’t want her to do this every night.

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“Every night since she screamed at the whole house around three in the morning, meaning that this was the first time, Otto woke up only once a night.

“So we only had one wake up the first week and due to Spenny’s bad behavior when she took Gigi into our bed, she’s squealing around 3am.”

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