Virgin River fans are puzzled by the lack of gloves in the series

On a fun reddit thread, u / TriniGold noted, “There are no gloves at Virgin River,” giving many examples of situations where gloves are required: injections, handling police evidence, handling food, and even childbirth. The answers sparked a discussion about hygiene… and rainbows.


“Gloveless Zone” you / suck confirmed. “Any gloves brought within the Virgin River perimeter suddenly burst into sparkles and rainbows.” TriniGold praised the response, saying “Sparks and rainbows = the perfect description of VR.” BUT request about gloves for cold weather, too, did not give anything. U/DegreeSea7315 thought comically that perhaps “gloves” was a euphemism…Because everyone keeps getting pregnant.”

u/Beneficial-Thought82 then pointed to a major food hygiene issue “when Jack took over cutting vegetables and didn’t wash his hands … I’m a bit of a germophobe, so I really remember when he did it.” Trinigold agreed ardently, saying, “Oh my God! I paused and left when it happened. I was so angry.”

Especially in this “post-coronavirus” landscape, there seems to be no justification for such behavior. But perhaps the producers want to keep the show’s good quality. As Netflix VP of Original Series said USA Today“[With] everything that happens in the world, more and more people [are] seek not only that comfort, but that sense of hope and that sense of community.”



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