Vanna White’s Wheel of Fortune British colleague scorned the job

True to the same formula (with a few minor details) that continues to make the US version perfect, the UK version of Wheel of Fortune features the same wordboard, money wheel, and two co-hosts. The game show had several different hosts between 1988 and 2001, one of which was Jenny Powell, who (via daily mail), reversed the letters, as Vanna White did in the US version. However, what seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime for Powell, who was on the show for five years, ended up being an experience she regretted.


“I ended up doing Wheel of Fortune, which I hated. It was the most important thing, but I hated it,” she admitted. Despite jumping through industry hoops to get her coveted job, she quickly found her role to be too easy and humiliating. Looking back, she is now wiser than ever and now knows how she would react to a job offer if she received it today. “If someone told you,” she explained, “that’s right, Jenny, you will wear a very short skirt and we will all discuss its length in four meetings, wear high-heeled shoes, turn over some letters and just look beautiful and nothing speak.”

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