Vanessa Rae never fired a gun before “Blue Bloods”

Vanessa Ray made this confession during a 2018 interview with Long Island Weekly. While it’s not uncommon for an actor to have never handled a firearm before taking on a role, given that Rae worked in and around Hollywood for almost a decade prior to her Blue Bloods casting, it’s a little surprising. . At the same time, according to actor’s page on IMDbshe really hasn’t played many roles where a gun could have been a necessary prop, and her most high-profile performance may have come from beloved teen drama Pretty Little Liars.


Although Rae had never fired a gun prior to donning her NYPD uniform in Blue Bloods, she picked up speed quickly before heading to the set. According to the actress herself, one of the longtime producers of the series made sure that she did it. “Our producer, James Nikiforo, the unsung hero of our show, took Marisa [Ramirez]Will [Estes]”and I’m at the shooting range,” Ray told Long Island Weekly. She went on to confirm that the trip to the shooting range was her initiation into the world of firearms, noting, “It was the first time I’ve fired a pistol since I didn’t really grow up with guns.”

While the actress may have looked a little unsure pulling the trigger during her early days on Blue Bloods, few can argue that Vanessa Ray doesn’t look like a seasoned pro these days. And this is clearly the result of hard work on the part of the actor.


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