Vanessa Rae and Will Estes believe Tom Selleck is the reason fans keep watching Blue Bloods

During a conversation with VFSB 3 About Blue Bloods Season 9, actors Vanessa Rae and Will Estes (who play Eddie Janko-Reagan and Jamie Reagan respectively) were asked what they think gets viewers to tune in to Blue Bloods every week. Without missing a beat, Estes replied, “Tom Selleck.” Ray laughed at this and agreed almost immediately.


“I would also like to talk about other things, but this is probably the most important,” explained Estes. “Tom is our leader on and off the show. He comes to work, he is the most trained, he is the most prepared. wants to influence him.

Both Estes and Ray went on to explain that they learned a lot just by being around Tom, whose historic acting career has given him far more experience than anyone else on the show. Much more interesting is that Selleck himself is such a powerful force both off-screen and on-screen – and it’s clear that Tom Selleck’s monumental influence on Blue Bloods can’t be overstated.


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