US Navy Removes Some of Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun: Maverick Preview Photos

During a recent interview with TermTop Gun: Maverick creator Joseph Kosinski spoke about the research he did in preparation for the film, and in particular, one startling moment he had with members of the US Navy.


Discussing his personal love of aviation, Kosinski revealed how his position as director of the Top Gun sequel led to him being treated by the Navy as a “domain expert”. “I have to make this dream come true and serve in the Navy for a couple of years. I have to go to places where civilians cannot go,” Kosinski said. “I have to see what no civilian will see.” Building on his latest comment, Kosinski also revealed that Navy personnel once erased all photos from his camera without explanation.

“At some point, my camera was confiscated from me. They wiped it clean,” Kosinski recalls. “I took a few shots and maybe took pictures that I shouldn’t have taken, and my camera was quickly returned to me without any photos.” Kosinski understandably does not hint in interviews at what he may have seen or captured on camera, which led to its brief confiscation. However, the director noted that he believes his entire experience with the Navy, including the top-secret locations he was given access to, only lifted Top Gun: Maverick even more.

“It was all about this quest for authenticity,” Kosinski said. “I think you feel it when you see [the film]because you don’t feel like you’re in a Hollywood setting. There is reality in this.” Based on how well Top Gun: Maverick was received (via rotten tomatoes), it’s safe to assume that most moviegoers are likely to agree with Kosinski’s assessment.



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