“Unforgivable” Reactions Praise Sandra Bullock

Spoilers and all the experiences ahead.

unforgivable This is not a movie that you watch to lift your mood, rather it is a must watch in my book.


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Not only did Sandra Bullock make you want to hug her endlessly, but the far-flung sisters couldn’t handle how much the movie stressed their heartstrings.

Production Film / GK Films / Album / Via Alamyo

Here are 31 tweets that prove that the film has successfully portrayed the power and sacrifice of brotherhood above all.


‘The Unforgivable’ was good on Netflix. Saw this with my younger sister. Finally looked at him and told him “Don’t shoot anyone because I’m not going to jail for you.”

Twitter: @KymJohnson



Till my eyes did not swell, I was buried with tears in tears, no one understands the love that an elder sister has for her younger brothers and sisters. I would literally give up everything for my little sister

Twitter: @jotoldyouu

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I’m literally sobbing over the movie “The Unforgivable”. Ek sisters love is very unconditional & this movie is a different hit when your sister actually raised you in real life! I

Twitter: @thatdamne


Just watched The Unforgivable on Netflix and all I could say was wow. Such a good movie, but even better movie than watching it as a big sister. It hits differently.

Twitter: @smantha_xo


Unforgivable on Netflix made me cry so much. Being the children of the sisters myself, I imagined myself as the character of Sandra Bullock… Fantastic movie. I’m in tears

Twitter: @allie_dilk



Unforgivable made me cry a little. It gives me a flashback to my late sister. How protective can she be with me? Sandra Bullock, however, always gives her acting. Excellent! #unforgivable #netflix

Twitter: @animazze


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