Under Deck Captain Lee Responds to Eddie Lucas’ Salary Comments

Offering my two cents. Captain Lee addressed Eddie Lucas“potential return to below deck after the boatswain claimed that their cast was “the lowest paid” in Bravo.

“I found out that [Eddie said that]”, – exclusively told the 73-year-old native of Florida. Us weekly when promoting season 10 below deck. “Never say never, because everything changes. The attitude is changing. I use [like] Coke and now I don’t care about her that much. In time, you will become something else.”


According to the captain, there is a chance that Eddie will return to the franchise. “Never is a big word, and it’s been a very long time,” Capt. Lee noted, before confirming that he would be working with his former partner again “in the blink of an eye.”

Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas. Laurent Basset/Bravo (2)

The reality TV star’s insight came months after Eddie hit the headlines when he announced his retirement. ( below deck alum starred in the hit TV series Bravo from 2013 to 2015. He returned in seasons 8 and 9 to help Captain Lee on deck.)

“I wasn’t invited for another season,” an outside crew member said. New York Post in May. “In fact, I didn’t even get a call from them to say that they hired someone else – which sort of shows what production entails. Everything on the lower deck is expendable.”

Eddie said at the time that he had problems with how below deck the actors were paid for their work. “There is someone who monetizes the show, but it’s definitely not us,” he said. “below deck “Despite the fact that this is the most popular show on Bravo, we are the lowest paid actors.”


The Connecticut native continued: “While we certainly get paid more than regular yachtsmen, we still don’t get paid as much as people like housewives make, which is a little frustrating because they don’t really work—they do.” you’re just going to have dinner and fight.”

Eddie hinted that he would consider being on the show in the future, despite his disappointment.

Meanwhile, Captain Lee gave an idea of ​​what viewers can expect from the returning cast. Fraser Olender as well as Rachel Hargrove during season 10.[Fraser] definitely knows what he is doing, ”said the TV presenter. Us about the former second stew being promoted to the main stew. “And because of the lack of effort, there has never been a lack of effort and there has never been a lack of results. So I was very pleased with the way he ran his department.”

The captain also praised the opportunity to work with Rachel again.


“Rachel just always delivers. I feel the same way for Rachel Katia [Chastain]. Rachel is in charge of her department and you have nothing to worry about,” he explained. “She doesn’t have a sous chef and she doesn’t have anyone to help her cook. I think this is one of the reasons why sometimes meals are delayed. But [it] doesn’t make them any less spectacular.”

Leading up to season 10 Running against the current the author teased how their time in Saint Lucia stood out in below deck story. “You will find that this season I have done something that I have never done before in my career or in my life,” he hinted. “And there will be many situations where you will say: “Wow, I didn’t foresee this at all.” This will be true not only for the audience, [but] that was true for me and the team.”

According to Captain Lee, the new season was “still interesting” despite “everything that has come up”.

season 7 below deck returns to Bravo on Monday, November 21 at 8:00 pm ET.

With a report by Christina Garibaldi


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