Ukrainian dance music hero The Organism dictated ten tracks from Organic Music label

UKRAINIAN electronic music artist The Organism has roots in the scene for two decades.

Released on labels such as Disco Halal and Diynamic, it received raucous support from Solomun, Dixon and DJ Tennis, as well as several tracks at the top of the Beatport melody charts.


His new album Dictator, out now, is a showcase of his hypnotic bass vibes, haunting vocals and mystical ethnic sounds. The seven-track collection showcases his rich selection of home styles in sophisticated fashion. A centre-left house album with a unique electronic soul.


Roman Yarmolenko aka The Organism

This week we caught up with Roman Yarmolenko aka The Organism to celebrate the release of his new album and he told us about ten favorite tracks from his Organic Tunes label, including music from the new LP.

Serge Prochet, July Vitraniuk – Cherry Garden (Minörs Remix)


I often start my sets with this intro because it brings me back to my childhood memories, my grandmother used to sing this song at feasts. In this version, the set of parts, harmonies and vocals work just fine!



Organism – Dictator

This is the main track from my recent self-titled album. The cheerful and perky mood of the set (bass, guitar, vocals) suggests that only dancing and positive should be promoted. The melody works very well on the dance floor and spins the dance.



Also a track from the album with an inviting mood in the face of Charlie Chaplin to stop violence, and focus on creation and creation. The techno groove underlines the speech of the great dictator.


YAME – How I ran

Pure indie dance with a touch of the circus. Punk break and vocoder vocals, as well as an innovative approach that will never leave the dance floor indifferent.

Fel C – Walking On You (Original mix)

It starts with edgy drum parts and harsh acid bass lines. Vocal echoes move through the mix and darker bass rolls down. This is a dramatic tune full of mood and texture. Very good job on the dance floor.

Caravaghi – Monoconda

It closes in body fashion, with free rhythm, great vocal effects and sizzling pads. His work sounds amazing! His production is amazing and this track is timeless and so relevant now!

Rybin – Pugh

This track explores widescreen and hardcore tech house with progressive melodies that get you off your feet. “The main melody in this tune is incredibly beautiful, I only play it at the right moment.”

Light (UA) – Exotica

This track goes into a deeper and more tropical atmosphere with exotic strings. Sometimes it’s hard to find powerful original tracks that just keep the energy going, as everything is based on a famous guitar sample and doesn’t give away too much, leaving room for me. Exotic is a noble high melody, and it always gives pleasure.

Cuprite – Akam Pakam

Another track, fast but not too heavy, with driving emotions and subtle dreamy elements of trance, fits it into a really pleasant space when the night approaches. It’s a vibrant tune with brilliant arpeggios, rich vocals and a disco beat that never stops.

YAME & Arsanit – I love you Fantomas

What can I say.. this track is amazing! The staging is impeccable – the Yame are truly gifted. The vibe of this track is where it is! This grinding lead is so sick. Cowbell Groove.. That’s all.. Check it out.

The Organism record “Dictator” was released on his label Organic Tunes. grab it HERE.

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