U.S. Theatrical Release Date Set For Eran Kolirin’s Let It Be Morning –

special: Cohen Media Group has set a February U.S. theatrical rollout for Iran Coleraine. Let it be morningwhich was Israel’s entry for the 94th Academy Awards. The film will open at the Quad Cinema in New York on February 3 and Laemmle Royale in Los Angeles on February 10 in select cities nationwide and nationwide on February 17.

Let it be morning It premiered in the In Certain Regard section of Cannes in 2021 and also played at thousands of festivals. It won nine Ophir Awards, Israel’s equivalent of the Oscars, including Best Film.


The story centers on Sami (Alex Bakri), a Palestinian-born Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem who receives an invitation to his brother’s wedding, forcing him to return to the Arab village where he grew up. After the wedding ends, and without explanation, the town is sealed off by Israeli soldiers under a military blockade. When chaos breaks out among the villagers overnight, Sami is cut off from the outside world and caught in an unexpected situation. As he grapples with questions about his identity and as hidden secrets are revealed, Sami sees everything he holds dear begin to crumble.

Jonah Solomon with the Goat (The time that remains.), Salim Dao (the crown) and Ehab Salami (Obligatory) also stars.

Let it be morning Written and directed by Kolirin (Band tour), and is adapted from the international best-selling novel by Palestinian author Seyed Kashwa.


The Quad Cinema will host a retrospective of Coleraine’s work from 30 January to 2 February. The series, sponsored by the Consulate General of Israel in New York, will feature global hits from 2007. band tour, 2011 comicChange justice And the drama of the soldier’s homecoming Beyond the mountains and hills. Kolirin will participate in question-and-answer discussions after selected screenings.


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